Real estate “floating waves” with shophouse Bai Truong – Phu Quoc

With the unprecedented growth of tourism, Bai Truong – Phu Quoc are the land for cooking, investment and business dreams of rich people.

Phoi-canh-tien-ich-marina-square-phu-quoc-wikiland real estate "floating waves" with shophouse bai truong - phu quoc - phoi-canh-tien-ich-marina-square-phu-quoc-wikiland - Real estate “floating waves” with shophouse Bai Truong – Phu Quoc
The unique Mediterranean style shophouse is attracting great interest from the property market..

Bai Truong, Phu Quoc lead the market

As of March, 2018, there were 278 investment projects in Phu Quoc district (Kien Giang province) with an area of ​​10,676ha with total investment capital of more than 361,000 billion VND.

Commenting on the calling and promotion of investment in Phu Quoc district, Mr. Phan Van Cuong – Deputy Head of Management Board of Phu Quoc Economic Zone said: “Up to now, the island district has attracted prestigious investors, quality at home and abroad. Most of the works are dedicated to make Phu Quoc the top tourist destination in the country. “

Phu Quoc is becoming more and more popular when it comes to big projects of the most prestigious investors in the market, such as Bim Group’s Phu Quoc Marina tourist resort. School. Signed with a number of well-known resort management brands such as InterContinental Hotel & Resort, Regent Hotel & Resort, Whitewater West, Sailing Club, … Great investment, the famous brand, promising Bai Truong – Phu Quoc soon become a tourist resort class not only in the country but also in the region.

WaterFront Phú Quốc Luxury real estate "floating waves" with shophouse bai truong - phu quoc - waterfront-luxury-hotels-phu-quoc-1-1024x609-1 - Real estate “floating waves” with shophouse Bai Truong – Phu Quoc
Major projects invested by Bim Group are contributing to Bai Truong into economic and tourist center of Phu Quoc.

It must be said that over the past time, the market witnessed the “landing” of real estate investors in Phu Quoc. And investors ahead of the calculations wise with real estate investment gains momentum, especially in Bai Truong – Phu Quoc.

The connoisseurs choose to invest in large projects, which have been planned and are being implemented urgently by reputable investors. Therefore, in these projects, the product whether resort villas, hotel apartments or commercial houses – shophouse are also quickly mastered. Particularly, the shophouse segment has not met the demand because this is the hottest product in the developed tourist areas.

Phoi-canh-ho-boi-marina-square-phu-quoc-wikiland real estate "floating waves" with shophouse bai truong - phu quoc - phoi-canh-ho-boi-marina-square-phu-quoc-wikiland - Real estate “floating waves” with shophouse Bai Truong – Phu Quoc
In the area adjacent to Resort Regent Phu Quoc, InterContinental Phu Quoc will appear unique Mediterranean style shophouse.

The most recent evidence, when the shophouse Marina Square Phu Quoc of Phu Quoc Marina is open for sale, only in a morning open sale fund was 100% investors trading. Investors love the shophouse because of its great function, both in business and freedom.

Bai Truong – Phu Quoc is also becoming the number 1 tourist destination of Ngoc island. Strategically located: near the airport, located between the town center of Ngoc Island easy to move to the convenient services … With the traffic system is planned to create a premise to develop beyond step. With famous names and brands have been put into operation such as: InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort, Novotel Phu Quoc, Sol Beach,…

Convenient location to receive customers regularly, often the factor is “gold” to ensure the sales of the shophouse Marina Square Phu Quoc.

The Mediterranean style shophouse demonstrates a great investment in architectural design. Moreover, with many different areas, the seven-storey structure, shophouse Marina Square Phu Quoc easily fit the diverse business lines.

While the Phu Quoc tourist balance is moving to Bai Truong, the balance of the property market also changes in that direction. According to investors, poured capital shophouse Marina Square Phu Quoc right now is the way to own “preserve” has the ability to profit long term, sustainable./.